Personal & Family Law

At Anthony Whatmore & Company we’ve come to accept that, unfortunately, for many of us the joy of marriage doesn’t last forever. The best-laid plans don’t always pan out as hoped and occasionally living together becomes intolerable. When compatibility no longer exists and differences cannot be reconciled, the strain on one’s personal life can be severe. Divorce is not always the solution, but when it is, choosing the correct attorney to navigate you through your divorce cannot be overemphasised. Sometimes the decision to part is mutual and an amicable divorce arrangement is possible. Other times a stronger and more aggressive approach is necessary. Whatever the situation Anthony Whatmore & Company is able to help.

We have extensive experience in dealing with Personal Law and our clients benefit from our personalized and sensitive approach to matters including:

  • Custody and access to children and maintenance
  • Divorce
  • Ante Nuptial Contracts
  • Postnuptial Contracts