Property Law

The conveyancing department is headed up by Property Law specialist Anthony Whatmore who, in turn, is supported by a team of dedicated and highly qualified staff members. Together the team has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing high quality and efficient conveyancing services to its clients.

This department deals with incorporated sectional title developments, share block schemes, time share, registration of conventional and sectional transfers, the registration of conventional and sectional mortgage bonds, notarial bonds, servitudes, township conveyancing and the drawing of property related agreements.

Excellent service levels and the building of sound client relationships have always been at the core of our business. However, in our quest to speed up the efficiency at which property transactions are processed, we have now embraced the latest leading edge technology that allows buyers, sellers and estate agents to track their transactions via our web site. Furthermore, Anthony Whatmore & Co. are technologically equipped to link with financial institutions such as ABSA, Nedbank, Standard and First National Bank as well as a direct link to the Deeds Registry with access to the broad base of information recorded there.